Saturday, February 19, 2011

No muse, no mojo

I've tried everything to get myself to make some jewelry. At first I thought I was merely distracted by other things, then I started making excuses and I really haven't sat at my bench much since the end of January. I started the year with a grand plan to find materials that were less expensive than fine silver to make jewelry out of. I tried polymer clay and just could not get the hang of it. I was not happy with anything I made. Then I tried resin and that was a bleak failure, too. I told myself then that if I would just get out the good old silver clay, that I know inside and out, I would be sure to make something that I liked.

So, I spent three weeks working on a couple of silver rings and a few necklaces, which is a pitiful amount of work for that amount of time (for me). I thought then that I was relaxing into a slower pace and didn't give it much thought. I used up an entire 100 gram package of copper clay and those pieces have been sitting, waiting to be fired for at least a week. I just haven't done it.

Then I got out the Art Journal and joined the Sketchbook Challenge. Jewelry didn't cross my mind for a long time. I started feeling guilty for doing nothing but collage and painting, so I cleared all the art supplies off the kitchen table and spread out my taxes. (My kitchen table is the only space available to do stuff like that. Someone once asked me if my studio was in my home and I said "No, I live in my studio!") Taxes done and off to the accountant. Good girl! Something productive was completed. Now go make some jewelry.

No. The Art Journal is back occupying the kitchen table again:

THIS IS NOT ART THAT I PLAN TO SELL!! I berate my self, yell at myself, try to trick myself, make bargains with myself, promise to reward myself. Nothing has worked. I usually spend the winter stocking up so that I have inventory to sell in the spring and summer when tourists are here. Uh oh. I might not have much to offer this year if I don't get with it. Jewelry is how I make my living!!! And, I have a show in April!!!

Maybe what I need is a kick in the butt. That's why I'm putting this out in the blogosphere - maybe someone else can help jump start my muse. I've been ignoring her for so long, that I think she's gone to live with another artist who will appreciate her. What is WRONG with me????

Here's another distraction: A cute picture of Lola and her toy mouse. That thing looks real, doesn't it? Scares the crap out of me when I step on it in the middle of the night...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just a hint

It's a gorgeous day today - in the 50s - and looks to be nice for at least the next week. Here's a couple of shots of the little pockets of snow that are left. Temperatures predicted to be in the 60s by the middle of the week and this will be ALL gone. Finally!

I found these daffodils poking through the mulch on the full-sun side of the house.

Tomorrow I plan to get some outside chores tackled.  A little bit of pruning and some wasp nests removed from my shed before it's warm enough for them to hatch out. It's just a tad too windy today. This is still February. Winter IS NOT over. But it's very kind of Mother Nature to give us a break and I plan to appreciate it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally! Some new jewelry.

I made this ring as a custom order for my friend Lyn. I hope she likes it - she's been wanting one for a long time.

While I was in a ring making mood, I made this fancy ring with four amethyst cz's across the top. It fits me and I might keep it. Or, I might wear it for awhile and decide it's not my style. We'll see.

This necklace is a toggle with a lapis cabachon set into it.

And the necklace part is lapis and sterling silver beads:

The pendant below is another in my flower series.

And it hangs from a hand forged sterling silver chain:

I'm still having a hard time getting into the groove. I just can't seem to find my muse for jewelry. We have another week coming up with predictions of snow for several days, so I guess I'll give it a shot. Sometimes it helps to just get out the material and stare at it and see what emerges. I hope it's something interesting!