Friday, May 29, 2009

Hands Gallery

This is the outside of the other artist's co-op I belong to - Hands Gallery in downtown Boone, NC. Boone is also a tourist destination, plus the home of Appalachian State University. Because of the student population there's a bit of a bohemian feel to downtown. The co-op was formed in 1975, making Hands the oldest craft cooperative in the area. It's the same arrangement here as it is at Main Street Gallery in Blowing Rock (See previous post). Each member works their days in exchange for a low commission and we all share in the running of the gallery.

This is my jewelry display. I have quite a bit more room to show off lovely things here than I do at Main Street Gallery. Below I'll show you some photos of work by the artists that are members of Hands, but not members of Main Street.

Kirsten Tiedemann's mosaics. Watch out. If you stand still too long, she'll cover you with tiles and glass and grout your seams! To the right is jewelry by Mitzy Johnkeer.
These are serigraphs (silk screen prints) by Joan Meixell. Joan is our Treasurer, so she doesn't have to work in the shop because it's a pretty big job. And, we like her - she writes our checks!

Pottery by Brenda Schramm and jewelry by Don Haywood...

Fine woodworking by Kristen and Roger Brodt and Denise Grohs of Miter's Touch...

Papersnacks (collage paper cut out art) by Lindsey Cero and turned wood by Phil Hull. Check out the functional wooden sink!

Sgraffito pottery by Jeff Martin. Jeff also paints, but doesn't have any paintings here right now. Get with it, Jeff!

And, our newest member, Linda Smith makes beautiful fiber art. She combines some of her quilting with painting.
The other artists are: Richard Rapfogel - photography, Dianne Radford - stained glass, Chrissie Callejas - painting and sculpture, Debbi Ordan - jewelry, Barbara Sox - baskets, Leslie Wright - hand woven clothing, Sharon Bass - jewelry, Linda McCalister and Carol Lawrence - photography, and Amy (Evenlight) Eagles - leather work.
So, if you ever visit Boone, NC, stop by 543 West King Street and say "hi!"


Ruth said...

Looks like a great space to be a part of.

Zoe Nelson said...

It is! And a great group of people, too.

annie said...

What a great group of artists. Beautiful space.