Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Virginia, here I come!

My lovely step-daughter, Barbara, is hosting a Trunk Show for me at her home near Lynchburg, Virgina on Thursday evening. I don't know for sure how many people she invited, but I sent her about 130 post cards. This will be either the thrid or fourth time we've done this and it's always a win-win for everyone. I get to visit with her and her family and make some money, and she gets to have a "girl party". She has a husband and two sons, so there's not much estrogen in her house unless she makes it happen!

Side note: If you're interested in hosting a Trunk Show at your house, please contact me. There's always free jewelry involved for the hostess!

So I'm spending this day taking inventory, packing and preparing to leave early in the morning. Since this is my first show of the season I've had to wipe down my display equipment that's been stored in the shed all winter. (There must have been a bird trapped in there for awhile.... yuck!) Going through the big plastic bin that contains all the various asundry things needed to do a show - sales books, business cards, calculator, pens, credit card machine and forms, raffle forms (I always do a give-away.) etc. to be sure I have everything I need.

It's been a long, bleak winter and I'm not just talking about the weather! I'm ready to have some money coming in for a change and to not have to pinch every penny. I'm even taking a basket full of clearance items to this show to try to move some of my old inventory. Whatever's left will go into my SALE on my Etsy Shop starting next week. Let's all visualize an armored car full of money following me home, OK?! And I'll get to kiss the boys and watch soccer games and generally hang out with some of my favorite people. Ahhh... life is GOOD!