Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day weekend...

... is the "unofficial" start of summer. And lately it's been feeling like summer. Every time I shove the windows open because the house is too hot I say a tiny prayer of gratitute that the last of the 80 inches of snow, that was still on the ground a mere two months ago, is gone. The wild roses are blooming and the air is perfumed like a Victorian bath. I've been gardening whenever I have the opportunity, pulling weeds and trimming edges mostly. I planted lots of annuals in pots scattered around the yard. 

I was glad to see that the bleeding heart that I thought had died is struggling back. I had one like this where I used to live and it took me a long time to find another one. Most bleeding heart blooms in the spring, then it's done. This variety continues to bloom up until frost and I hope it will thrive this year.

This morning I picked the first strawberries. I got about a dozen ripe ones, ate about half of them as I stood there and put the other half on my granola. Allowed to ripen on the plant they're soooo much sweeter than what you get in the grocery store, where they're picked just as they turn pink two weeks ago in Florida.

A few days ago I saw a black snake going into my shed. These are the good guys that keep poisonous snakes, mice and rats away. I'm not really afraid of them, if I see them first. I think I got over it when I lived in a 125-year-old house in the country and walked into the bathroom to find a 5-foot black snake draped across the sink and the toilet. My ex-husband and I had to wrestle it into a pillow case to get it out of there. It's when they see ME first and squiggle quickly away that they startle me. Yesterday I saw one curled up in the space under the roof and went to take a picture. I waited to get a good shot... it stuck it's head out and looked at me. Then there was a second head! Two of them? I hope they're not making little snaky babies in there. Now I keep a broom stick beside the door and poke things before I go in... so I get to see the snake before it sees me.

And a note about this national holiday: I'm a pacifist. I don't believe that war is the way to handle conflicts between nations. But until we evolve as spiritual beings there will always be those who believe that killing each other is the only way to solve our problems. Realistically, when our country does resort to war, we must give thanks to those that choose to put themselves in harm's way to defend our beliefs. So, on Monday I'll be saying a prayer to thank the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice - nearly 5,500 souls in Iraq and Afganistan so far. And, I'll be praying for Peace, too.

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fredracey said...

Those are great pics, Zoe, & some really good commentary, too. Will never forget the snake in the bathroom scenario. Talk about an adrenalin rush! For all of us, snake included. Enjoy the good weather - you earned it.