Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Weather = No Motivation

I know it's been a long time since I posted here, but hey... its summer in the South! Nothing happens very fast. The weather has been warm and juicy with thunderstorms almost every afternoon. This makes me feel lazy -- I don't really want to do anything, and what I do manage to accomplish gets done at a snail's pace. Anything that takes any effort has to be done early in the morning.

I haven't been doing any gardening in the last week because I wrecked my knee and thought I'd better give it a rest from digging and kneeling. Just as well, it's a little too hot for gardening right now. The local produce stand has some of the best peaches and cantaloupe I've ever had, and all the summer vegetables are coming in to the local Farmer's Market. I'm glad I didn't plant a food garden this year because I was so disappointed last year. It was a lot of work and the wet weather caused too much disease, which was heartbreaking. One person can't eat all that stuff anyway, and I'm supporting our local farmers by buying it. The only edibles I have are strawberries, basil and a few onions.

So, what HAVE I been doing? Not much. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee on the porch, listening to the birds and watching the world come awake. I have so many hummingbirds that it's like Star Wars out there. They're so mean to each other! I shot this video today. Watch how one of them just keeps on drinking while the others fight.

I'll go through nearly ten pounds of sugar feeding these guys before the summer is over.

Then, an hour or so catching up on the computer and breakfast. Then back to the porch with a good book.  In the afternoons I've been trying to work in the studio, but I'm just not motivated. I had an order to fill which took a couple of days. (When the customer contacted me I was a little annoyed at first that someone would interrupt my "vacation", then realized that I don't actually get vacations! And my train of thought was that I really could use the money and, no jewelry means no money, so go make the lady's jewelry.) There's a little gallery business to take care of, but my sales still aren't that great. My summer PMC class was cancelled because not enough people signed up, so I have all my Mondays to myself and no preparation work to do. I've sworn to myself that next week I'm going to give the copper clay another try. Really. I mean it.... I'm going to do something productive. But until I can get myself out of this lazy midset I think I'll just enjoy summer in the South, fix myself a glass of sweet tea and go back to the porch and that book.

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