Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Hint of Fall

See what several hours in the studio over the last several days can produce? Another kiln load ready to fire! Things have calmed down and it feels good to finally get some work done. A few more days like these and I'll be caught up. And no more accidents! (She said as she knocks on wood.)

This is just the first step, of course. After the firing, brushing, tumbling, patina-ing (is that a word?) and polishing then there's the actual making of the jewelry. Some of these in the photo above are toggle clasps that will be put onto beaded necklaces, some are earring parts, and all need to be completed, inventoried, photographed and THEN maybe I can list some in my Etsy Shop, re-stock some galleries and have enough for upcoming shows. It's all about the process, Baby!

This comes when the garden is winding down, which is good. Frankly, I'm tired of watering and pulling weeds. It will soon be time to cut everything down and cover the garden with a blanket of new mulch so it can sleep for the winter. There have been some chilly mornings already. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. a couple of days ago because I'd left the windows open and my furnace (set on 50 degrees) kicked on. I'm definitely not looking forward to a winter like the last one, but I'm ready for the change of seasons. The Goldfinches love the seeds from these purple cone flowers. I'll let them have a few before cutting them down.

It's a gorgeous day today. Cool and breezy - perfect for hanging sheets on the solar clothes dryer. I'm going to sleep good tonight, after another day in the studio.


Lore said...

Great production !!! ;-)
I will love to see what you do with all your pieces.

fredracey said...

Nice pics as always, Zoe.

Cherylyn Bredemann said...

holy loaded kiln Batman!! Wishing you a productive Fall! Looks like your off to a great start!