Friday, March 4, 2011

Hives update

Over the past six days the only places I have not had hives is on the bottoms of my feet and on the top of my head. Every place in between has had it's turn with itchy welts for 24 hours or so. And I'm talkin' EVERY where... They sprout one place for a while and disappear and then appear somewhere else.  Here's what a patch of them looked like yesterday:

After my visit to the Doctor I learned that 70% of people never figure out what causes their hives. I got my perscriptions for steroids and antihistamines filled, and today.... VOILA!!! No hives! Nothing itches and I actually got quite a bit done because the perscription antihistamines don't put me to sleep and the steroids make me a little hyper. It's an unbelieveable relief. The plan is to finish the course of steroids over six days and take the antihistamines for a month before tapering off. Oh... I hope they don't come back!


Ken Thomas said...

A friend of mine broke out in hives that looked a lot like that, and in the same locations. It turned out he was having a reaction to an antibiotic he was taking.

Glad you're feeling better, Zoe.

Anonymous said...

the worst part is not knowing what is causing the problem. i get frustrated with that.

hope they don't come back.

anne beach said...

that must have been horrible! happy to hear you have them under control. that looks ITCHY and so uncomfortable!