Friday, June 3, 2011

Notes from the Lane

First, here's my little acrobat. She decided she needed to check out the view from the window at the very top of my house. She jumps from the floor to the counter to the top of the refrigerator to the top of the cabinets. I get very nervous when she does that!

I picked the first strawberries the other day. Not very many, but they're oh, so sweet and juicy right off the plant.

Whoa! I don't think I'll be going in my shed any time soon without looking around REEEEAAAAALLLL good before touching anything!

This is Alvin. He lives under my back porch. He likes to stuff his little face with bird seed and bring it back to his nest. It's his purpose in life to torment Lola, and he's doing a fine job.

A hillside of ferns in the dappled light. Don't you think there's a city of fairies under there?

The wild laurel is starting to bloom.

And the flame azaleas. Although, they're losing their flowers because we've been in a heat wave.

A view across the river. The picture just doesn't do it justice. There's not enough green in my camera to capture it all.

Fred and I planted this Frasier Fur in the early 1990's. It was probably only 4 or 5 feet tall when we bought it with it's root ball wrapped in burlap and used it as a Christmas tree for a few weeks, then planted it here. It must be 20 feet tall now.

That's it from my little corner of the world right now. Summer is here in full force - it's been really warm. Too hot for this early in the year. But, the wild roses are blooming and the world smells like a Victorian boudoir, so who can complain? If you look at the gorgeous pictures above (and remember to click to enlarge) you see why I endure the harsh winters here. This is what it's all about! It's paradise.


Nanabells said...

Beautiful!!! But I want to know how you know what a Victorian boudoir smells like! ha ha

Alice Walkowski said...

Beautiful pictures, but the one of the snake is giving me the chills. (Why oh why did I have to enlarge that one?)

Kathy Van Kleeck said...

Lovely! And boy howdy has it ever been hot! I remember the first time I saw a big black snake climbing - it was on the deck outside my bedroom - and totally creeped me out - who knew? And mountain laurel time - my favorite ... thanks for sharing!

fredracey said...

Great post Zoe and love the pics, especially the one of "no shoulders". Wow! That's really a big one! Can you train Lola to clean the window while she's up there? And Alvin is too cute. Thanks for all the good memories these pics brought back.