Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can I Have a Minute to Whine, Please?

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately, but guess what? Hives. I'm so sick of them I could just scream. Again? No, Still.  Don't think I haven't been screaming almost every day. Good thing I live alone, but Lola is a little freaked out. I have so many better things to do than deal with this, and when I'm itchy that's all I can think about. And remember, I've had these things since FEBRUARY!

The last time I updated you about this frustrating condition was a little over a month ago, after a visit the Emergency Room. After that I was on steroids for the third time and also for the third time when they wore off the hives came back. Since then they've seemed to get a little worse each day. My Doctor just shakes her head - she doesn't have a clue what else to do. So, I went to see a Homeopath and she gave me two remedies that made me way worse, so I went back to see her again yesterday. Her husband, who is a Naturopath also tried to help this time - they said go off those two remedies and try a third one. This morning I thought I was better, but at about 4:00 this afternoon, this started on the inside of my left arm:

And thirty minutes later:

Now it's 7:45 and I also have a patch in my right armpit, one under my chin and one on the inside of my left thigh. And I feel a little sick. Time to take more antihistamines so my face and throat doesn't swell up again.

Later this week I'm seeing a Hypno-Therapist to see if there's an emotional reason for this that we can identify. This was recommended by my Chiropractor and Acupuncturist both. After that I suppose I should find a Witch to make me a potion and make an appointment with an Exorcist. Those are the last things I can think of to try.


Alice Walkowski said...

Oh Zoe, that's awful. So sorry this is happening to you. You are allowed to scream as often and as loud as you want to. Hope someone can figure this thing out. Enough is enough!

Catherine Witherell said...

Well there is no denying you're allergic to something. It's very weird. Could it be related to food?

Amanda Brandow said...

I know you posted this a few years back but I happened upon this because I'm experiencing the same rash underneath both armpits and I was just wondering if you found a solution to the problem. thanks!

Amanda Brandow said...

Hello, I was just wondering if you ever found a solution to this rash. I have the same thing going on underneath both armpits and was wondering what it is and if there was a remedy that worked for you. Thanks!

Zoe Nelson said...

Yes, Amanda, I found out I'm allergic to Statin (Cholesterol) drugs. It took 3 weeks to flush it out of my system and the hives went away. I hope you find some relief.