Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Saturday Morning

I like to get up early on Saturdays in the summer and go to the Watauga County Farmer's Market. It's not only a where I like to get fresh, local, mostly organic produce, but it's quite the social event. I never know who I'll see there. It's held only on Saturday mornings from April through June, then also on Wednesdays from July through October. This is the "big" Farmer's Market. There's another small one in Blowing Rock on Thursdays. It's "L" shaped, the photo above only shows part of it.  Who could resist this?

My friend, David, is a world-famous wood turner turned "Gentleman Farmer", as he likes to call himself. His farm is just over the ridge from me. Before the new highway was built there used to be a huge yellow sign on the old road that said "Fog Likely Next 4 Miles". And it's true. If there's any wind from the east at all, we're covered in fog. David named his farm Fog Likely Farm and people that have lived around here when that sign was up know exactly where he's located.

You can also buy flowers and furniture for your yard:

And, there's lots of crafts for sale, too. This is Susan spinning wool that she felts. She's one of our newest co-op members.

This is a view on the way home. Its so muggy today it's almost palpable. See why they call these the Blue Ridge Mountains? As my Mama used to say "If it doesn't rain today it will miss a good opportunity." I bet we get a thunderstorm this afternoon.

Then a quick stop at the Deep Gap Post Office to see if anyone sent me money. Darn. Only bills today!

And then headed down the lane:

To home.

These are my purchases for today. I have to be careful not to buy so much food that it spoils before I can eat all of it. The flowers just make me smile. I'll add a few from my own garden to make the boquet even more beautiful.

All this and home by 9:00 a.m., before it gets too hot. Now to wait on those thunderstorms. And I wonder what else the day will bring?


Kathy Van Kleeck said...

Beautiful Zoe! That's the real trick at the farmer's markets - not buy too much. I have yet to master buying just the right amount. And what an amazing spot you've got for yourself - just gorgeous!
Have a beautiful day.
l i g a - kvk

fredracey said...

Thanks for the tour, Zoe, it was very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

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