Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Miscellaneous Musings

Photo taken last April
  • The remains of Tropical Storm Lee have been pounding us with rain since day before yesterday. As you know, I live close to a large creek and my little bridge is my only way out of here. Needless to say, I've not had much sleep the last two nights and I'm feeling a little loopy today. So far, so good - no major flooding - and it's supposed to be over in the next few hours. Whew! Maybe I can get a nap later today.
  • Labor Day is past. I don't want to see any of you wearing white until next Memorial Day, OK? I had a very uneventful weekend. My boss doesn't give me days off, you know, so I had to work at the Blowing Rock gallery on Sunday. Lots of people, a very good retail day.
  • I've had a lot of company in the past few weeks, with more folks coming this week. I love it when people visit because I like to show off the beautiful place I live in. It's fun to play "tour guide" and take friends to all the touristy places around here that I never go to otherwise. And, it forces me to keep my house clean, which is usually not a priority for me if I'm here all by myself. (If you drop in on me unannounced, you'll see what I mean!) Having company saves me from being so much of a hermit, too, and it's great to spend quality time with good friends.  
  • I've been in the studio quite steadily. I've made the decision to go ahead and replenish my stock no matter what silver prices are. It is what it is. And, hopefully, my customers will understand the increase in prices and continue to support me. After finishing up a big pile of earrings (see this post) I'm now working on bracelets, as both co-op galleries have sold all that I have.
  • I went to my Sister's the weekend before last to celebrate her birthday. (It's actually on August 9, but she's been celebrating all month!) Several of us went to the Washington Duke Inn for dinner and I had the best bison I've ever had. In fact, the entire dinner was excellent. This gorgeous place is located on the campus of Duke University in Durham, NC and is 5-star everything. Their website says: "Since the late 1800s, the Duke name has been associated with both excellence and achievement. The Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, named for Washington Duke himself, is proud to carry on that prestigious tradition, excelling in providing exceptional service and gracious southern hospitality."  And that is certainly true. I don't get to go to "fancy" places much any more and it was a wonderful treat.
  • Time to go run the vacuum cleaner and do some dusting for the next round of visitors. I'll try to keep up with the Friday Foto theme this week, too, so please check in then.

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fredracey said...

Glad to hear about the good bison dinner and your jewelry being sold out. Good news both!