Monday, July 2, 2012

Double Joy

A few years ago I saw one of these Luna Moths and posted about how beautiful they are and their metaphysical meaning. This morning, when I went to retrieve the bird feeders that have to stay in the shed over night, I saw this one beside the door. 

I returned with the camera and then noticed a second one on the ground, and this one is showing off it's second set of "eyes". I think, after some internet inquires, that the one above is a female and the one below a male. You can tell by their antennae.

I rarely see them and to see two at once really moved me. I believe that they embody the souls of loved ones and it made me think of my Mom and Dad. A joyful day for sure.


Kim said...

I love Luna Moths too, I saw my first live one at Girl Scout camp years and years ago. They really are neat to look at!

Trish Jeffers-Zeh said...

They are one of my totems! I am just so captivated by them. Thank you for sharing this in your blog!