Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Items on Etsy

I recently listed these six pieces on my Etsy site. I finished them quite a while ago, but never listed them. Almost all of my pieces are one of a kind, so I assign a number to each one and enter it into a database to keep up with where they are... A piece could be in Hands Gallery, Main Street Gallery, Artist's Alley, or Carlton Gallery. (See links to the right) I try to rotate things out of the galleries that haven't sold for a few months. Or, it could be on Etsy. There are only a few that are in a gallery and also listed on Etsy - that gets really confusing, and, although unlikely, what if it sold at the gallery and I didn't know it and someone wanted it off Etsy? Its a lot of work, and I wonder if it's worth it. How do you keep up with your inventory?

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