Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'll take some cheese with this whine!

Geez. Those of you that have read my previous posts about bad shows and bad show weather, be prepared. There's more in his post and probably more to come. My biggest show of the year is coming up this Saturday and the weather man is calling for... get this... a high temperature NEAR 40 (I think he's afraid to say in the 30's), WIND and SNOW SHOWERS. Great. And it's supposed to be raining when we have to set up on Friday.

On top of all this, I had to go to the dentist yesterday because I'd had a little, annoying toothache. Next thing I knew I was getting a root canal. Now I'm on pain killers because it feels like he beat me with a baseball bat and I can only eat soft foods. I'm tired of bananas, oatmeal and soup. I'm having a really hard time staying positive. I need to make at least $835 at this show so I can pay off my dentist bill. So, those of you out there who believe in positive energy, PLEASE send some my way!

I am looking forward to getting all the show stuff (tent, tables, etc) out of my car next week, though. I loaded up for the first show on September 26 and decided it was too much trouble to unload again after each of my shows. After this next one, I'm sure everything will be wet and need to air out anyway. It's all been rattling around back there for three weeks and cutting down on my gas mileage. It will truly feel like a load lifted when it's all back in the shed.

Remember that my BIG, BIG BIRTHDAY sale starts on November 1. (Should I change the name to BIG, BIG BIRTHDAY AND PAY OFF THE DENTIST SALE?) I sent out an email to customers earlier this week and I've already had some inquiries about which pieces will be marked down. I hope that the interest continues through the end of November.

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