Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weather Report from Deep Gap

Image by Marty Hulsebos of High Country Images
"Misty Forest Road in Autumn"

This is what it looks like here today. The leaves are nearly at their peak of color and it's a drizzly, foggy day. It's strange that the weather where I live - on the east side of the county - can be so different from the weather on the west side - just 20 miles away. I live "near the edge". That's close to the Eastern Contintental Divide. When the moist winds come from the east they create what the weather man calls a "wedge" and the cool wet makes it really foggy here on days when the sun might be shining closer to the Tennessee line. There used to be a sign on the old highway that read "Fog Likely Next 4 Miles". Those of us that live in this area can explain to locals where we are by merely saying "I live in Fog Likely". Everyone knows where that is. The other case, of course, is that most of our snow storms come from the west, so those on the other side of the county can get two to three times the snow that we get over here. That's when the weather man talks about the "Western Facing Slopes". I really prefer the fog over lots of snow.

So, today I'm staying in, playing with silver and beads and tweaking a few things in the studio, reading a little and trying to enjoy the day. Other people get time off from their jobs, so I think I'll take the rest of today for myself.

Here's a couple more images by Marty Hulsebos. I love all of his photos, but especially his collection of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Autumn. Check out all of them here:

Autumn Sunrise

Forest Road in Autumn

Hawksbill, Table Rock and Linville Gorge

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