Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy, sad

I had a wonderful time this past weekend visiting with two friends who I don't get to see very often. In fact, one of them I hadn't seen in person in about 30 years. We gathered at Jenny's house to celebrate Chris' birthday and had a big ole time! The planning for this started months ago when the announcements for the movie Alice in Wonderland started. We all have not-so-secret crushes on Johnny Depp and, since the opening weekend coincided with Chris' birthday we had a plan. The movie was fabulous, in 3-D with Tim Burton's magical genius.

When I got home to a huge mess I realized that I'm going to have to stop feeding the birds, and this really upsets me. I love watching them, seeing the goldfinches turn yellow in spring, and finding birds I haven't seen before. Upon my return I found that some critter (probably a racoon) had torn down and destroyed the feeder on the front porch, chewed through the bungee cord holding down the lid on a metal trash can, pried off the lid and spilled/eaten nearly 25 pounds of bird seed. I had to abandon the feeder in the back yard a few months ago because the racoon bent the pole to the ground and raided the feeder every night.  If anyone has suggestions for how I can solve this problem without resorting to wildlife murder, please let me know, but I might need Ken Thomas to come here and teach that S-O-B a lesson!

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, raccoons. They are cute, smart and mean. When thwarted they have nasty temper tantrums. I don't know what to suggest. A nature lover would probably say feed the little devil in his own feeding station - something he he would love so he would not be attracted to bird seed. Or you could try to trap him (in a very strong cage) and relocate him to your enemy's summer cottage. The only think worse is having a skunk and her family in the crawl space under your house... So sorry. Norine