Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Clean Studio

One benefit of this horrible winter weather is that I've gotten a huge jump on my spring cleaning. When spring finally gets here I'm going to want to be outside in the garden, so I've been doing the heavy-duty cleaning over the last few weeks. It's my annual purge of dust, cat hair, crud, and things that I no longer want that weigh on my creativity. It's a relief to have a clean start. The studio was the last space in the house that I've tackled, and I still haven't done the closet. (Just close the doors and it disappears, right?) Maybe I'll clear out the closet another time. So, here's what my new happy place looks like, all cleaned up and ready for a burst of inspiration.

This is the side where I do beadwork, wire work, and final assembly of each piece. It's an old computer desk and the sliding shelf where the keyboard is supposed to go is a perfect place for tools.

On this side is where the metal clay work is done. When I need to do soldering or other smithing work the kiln gets moved out of the way and the rest of that equipment is moved in. It's the most efficient use of this small space that I can think of.

On the opposite side of the room is where the business end gets done. My least favorite thing. I haven't seen the top of that desk  in a long time. I really did clear off the bulletin board, but I need all that stuff that's still on it, and if it wasn't on the bulletin board, it would be on top of the desk.

It feels so good to have everything clean, organized and the clutter cleared out. I do have mixed feelings, though, about working in here. I don't want to make another mess, but the thought of being able to find everything makes me want to get started on some new projects. There are lots of ideas in my head that are screaming to get out. The show and tourist season will be here before I know it and my current inventory will start to shrink. Time to get to work!

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