Friday, August 20, 2010

Play Date

Rainy Morning Visitor

I took this yesterday morning. We've had soupy, foggy, weather and sometimes downpours and flood warnings for the last three days. The fabric things inside my house were feeling damp and the sheets on my bed felt like I was camping. But, today the sky is clear blue and the humidity has left. (Amazing how quickly things can change!) There's a little hint of fall in the air. It won't be long now.

Earlier this week I had a play date at my friend Debbie Keen's house. We mixed up a big cup of Ice Resin and I sealed some little pictures, pieces and parts in bezels for pendants. They had to sit for several hours to set up, so we're having another day here in my studio next week to finish the pieces and maybe play with some copper clay again. I'll post pictures when my pieces are finished.

It's really nice to have someone with similar interests to bounce ideas off of and to get to play with someone else's toys. It's also great to be able to share my things with her. Debbie had been to the Bead and Button Show and took several classes and showed me the projects she'd worked on. The bracelet from Anne Mitchell's class on "Low Tech Metalsmithing" was my favorite. Debbie's is similar to this one:

                                      Photo by Anne Mitchell

It's a combination of fused fine silver, silver metal clay, riveting and wire wrapping for a finished piece with lots of personality.


Alice Walkowski said...

Yes it is nice to have someone to work with and bounce off ideas. I have a friend who comes up every so often for a play date. Do you belong to a guild? That is nice too since it gets you together with other like minded people. That's also another nice thing about these blogs. We make new friends from all over the place and share info and ideas. Alice

Zoe Nelson said...
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Zoe Nelson said...

Hey Alice! No guild here. The closest one is 2.6 hours away and I hear that all they do is socialize. Not worth the drive to me.

Yes, online friends are great. Some of my imaginary friends are real, in-person friends after meeting them. Why don't you come have a play date with me and you won't be imaginary any more? LOL!