Saturday, November 13, 2010

She's Still Here

It's been over a week and still no one has called to claim her. This is hard for me to believe, as she is a very sweet cat. Loving and affectionate and not much trouble. Soneone said that she just turned on her kitty GPS system and programmed it for my house! She's been going outside and coming back in without coaxing. But I still feel like I kidnapped her.

Now that all this time has passed and she's probably going to stay with me, we should figure out what her name is. You heard her in the video - she's very meowy - so one name could be Edith Bunker. (You also can hear my tumbler running in the background. Sorry about that noise.) Or, I could call her Loretta Lynn because she sounds a little whiny like a country song. Not very good choices and my sister said she doesn't want a cat-neice named Edith. The name quest continues.


Kristi Bowman said...

I think you've got yourself a new cat, and she's very beautiful!

Kristi Bowman said...

Oh those eyes, maybe Goldie or Nugget?

Ken Thomas said...

I can't get past how that black pattern on her face reminds me of a Harlequin or Scaramouch mask. I think I'd call her Harley.

Wendy said...

I think Cinder guided her to you!
Sometimes that just happens.
She has a beautiful mask. I like the name Harley that Ken above suggested!