Saturday, December 18, 2010

Practicing calm and patience

Drawing by Toni Henneman
Our first big snow of the season started on Friday, December 3rd. For the next few days it never got above freezing. I stayed in the house until Thursday the 9th. We got more snow on the 12th. This time it was a blizzard and it didn't get out of the teens until the 14th. Then we had freezing rain on the 15th, this past Wednesday. I got out again yesterday. So that's 2 trips to town in 14 days and 12 days of being stuck in the house. I was going to go out again today because, even though it was supposed to be cloudy, it would be 36 degrees. Not. It never got above 27, and there was freezing fog, so I had to change plans. Again.

I'm not too suprised, and since Mercury is in retrograde (if you don't follow astrology, find an explanation here.) it means that re-scheduling is likely no matter what the weather is. In the last two weeks I've re-booked a Chiropractor appointment (twice), and a Vet appointment for Lola, traded gallery work days (twice) and cancelled a hair cut appointment.  What's that statement about "when man makes plans, God just laughs"? Or something like that.

Oh, and it's Holiday Season, too. So many people are totally stressed out buying gifts, partying and spending time with family, that to dump bad weather on top would seem like the last straw. I remember last year, so I got all my shopping done early and used part of my time in exile to wrap everything. I did have to bail on a holiday party tonight because as soon as the sun goes down the roads will re-freeze, but I don't seem to have any stress this year! Yet. I'll be waiting until about the 22nd or 23rd to freak out over whether I can get to Raleigh and Virginia to spend time with my family. I totally missed it last year because of an ice storm. Mercury doesn't go direct until the 30th... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! Cross yours for me too, would ya?

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fredracey said...

Yes I will, Zoe. Heck of a start for winter, huh? Maybe January will be balmy and February in the 40s. Who knows....You're hanging in there well! Keep it up!