Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Foto 3/16

Oh boy!... Oh no...
Freshly mulched garden beds always look so beautiful, don't they? It just gives them a professional, finished look. I asked a neighbor of mine who owns a dump truck to bring me a load of mulch. He's done this for me before, but this time I ended up with twice as much as I usually get. Turns out that the price has gone down, and now I know why. The wood obviously came from trees that had been at least partially burned because it gives off a very strong odor of wood smoke. The mulch is beautiful and will work just fine, but hopefully once it's spread out the smell will dissipate quickly.

Now, if I can only get in touch with the guy who usually does my yard work for me to get him to spread it out on the gardens before too much stuff pops out of the ground. I've been trying to reach him for about three days and I'm really afraid he may not me around any more. His phone is disconnected and he no longer works at the place where he had a winter job. The possibilities are endless where he might be. My guess is moved away, or in jail, and I really hope he's not dead. I've left word several places to have him call me.

Jerry is a good hearted, hard working country boy, but he has a drinking problem. He's been cutting my grass and doing all sorts of miscellaneous yard work for about 5 years and doing a very fine job at a very reasonable price and he comes to do the work within a couple of days of calling him. He never shows up here drunk, but word about town is that he likes his beer. A lot. And you can tell by his skin that this is true.

So I guess this weekend I'll be getting out my wheelbarrow and pitchfork getting a start on it. Jerry could get the whole yard mulched in a day. It may take me many, many weeks to get it done if I have to do it myself. And I really hate the idea of trying to find someone else to cut the grass when the time comes. Most everyone else will charge me twice what Jerry does. So, prayers please, that Jerry the Yard Man is alright. I hope he shows up soon. He's really a good guy.

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SummersStudio said...

That is perhaps the most enormous pile of mulch I've ever seen at one home. I hope Jerry is OK too and I do hope you get some help with that mulch.