Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shows are SO hard to do...

Well, the Arts on the Side show in West Jefferson yesterday was acutally Arts on the INSIDE. Rain was predicted and the Ashe County Arts Council folks wisely decided to move us into the elementary school gym. It poured rain all day. Therefore, there were very few customers. I don't blame people - if I'd had a choice I would have stayed home in my nice dry, warm house too! And, my friend Janet who usually comes down from Virginia to spend the day there with me was suffering with the swine flu so she stayed home in her nice dry, warm house, too. It was a pretty boring day. And I didn't make much money. And everything got soaked when I was loading up the car. And the one credit card transaction I had got F*&^ed up somehow and put $8,000 on the woman's card for a $110 purchase.
I was so discouraged when I got home that I went on to to look at the forecast for next weekend, when I'm supposed to be at the Chatham Hill Winery's Harvest Festival. It says thunderstorms on Saturday and rain on Sunday... that's six days away, so I hope it's wrong. I don't think they have a Plan B in case of rain. Damn! This is a hard way to make a living sometimes!

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Ruth said...

Sorry to hear the weather didn't cooperate. Fingers crossed for better times this weekend