Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanks, Diane!

Since Diane Allison-Stroud just posted about me and my work on her blog, I thought I'd return the favor. We need all the help we can get sometimes, and I love promoting other artists. Diane was a member of Hands co-op gallery for awhile, but she got so busy making her beautiful hand-painted game boards that she had to leave! She outgrew us!

Gypsy Penny Pitch
Each of her hand made game boards takes about 3 weeks to make. They're hand drawn and hand painted - no stencils are used. They're functional as well as beautiful art to hang on your wall.

Circus Checker Board
The finishing process requires numerous sandings, but achieves the time-worn look. They're made of birch and poplar.

Chinese Checkers (comes with a bag of marbles)
Diane is honored as a 29th Guild Artist by Country Living Magazine. There are people who collect her work to create unique wall displays in their homes.
Find her work on her website: and read about another artist living and working here in the Blue Ridge Mountains at


diane allison-stroud said...

ahhhh, you caught me! aren't you sneaky! thanks zoe!

Nicola said...

How fabulous is the Circus Checker Board.....droolworthy!