Monday, December 21, 2009

Day four of being held prisoner in my own home

I'm still here. The road is still covered with snow - it may have either melted or compacted itself into only a foot by now, but it's still here and so am I. I've been singing "I'll Be Home For Easter" in my head. (Thanks for getting THAT started, Alan!) Boredom and cabin fever are setting in. Now I have to try and get out of here on Wednesday because I broke a tooth and have to go to the dentist and if I don't do it that day, they're closed until January 5. If I didn't know that there's more bad weather coming on Thursday (Christmas Eve) - this time freezing rain with "significant icing" - I'd just head to Raleigh on Wednesday after the dentist. Now I'm worried that power will go out and I'll have to deal with frozen pipes when I get home. My sister keeps asking when I'm coming and all I can tell her is that I don't know. All I do know is that it's not today.

I put some seed out on the porch table for the birds. Look who else found it. I've also had a group of four crows that have been gorging themselves and the deer ate the whole feeder full last night. Oh well, I guess everybody's hungry. Including my cat:


anne beach said...

did you dig out? i had to move my car to the top of the road so i can get out of here! and then i went to the MALL of all places. hope you are out and about by now!

Zoe Nelson said...

This was some snow, huh? I finally got out today.