Monday, December 14, 2009

Wonderful weekend

I had such a great time this past weekend with family. I went to Raleigh on Friday and dropped off some more pieces at the Little Art Gallery in Cameron Village. Then I visited with my Dad and had dinner with him at his retirement home. I love that place. It's like having 240 grandmas and grandpas doting on you every time you show up. On Saturday my sister and her husband had their annual Christmas Party. As usual the food was incredible and the people extremely nice. She had told me to bring my jewelry with me "because some people might need to do some holiday shopping." I did, and I made some money while partying. Can't beat that with a stick! In fact, two of the pieces from the previous post now have new homes.

On Sunday my Step-daughter and her family drove down from Virginia so that we could do Christmas with them. It was wonderful, as usual, to see her and her husband and my two step-grandboys. The younger one is six and still firmly believes in Santa. His older brother is nine and probably does not. He won't admit it, though - I think he's afraid that he won't get any presents if he does. Or, he's trying to spare his little brother's feelings..... No, I don't think that's it!

I'm working at Hands Gallery today and I'm exhausted. We were up really late on Saturday night and the drive back from Raleigh on Sunday was not fun - drizzle and fog made the trip seem really long. When I leave here I'm going to finish my gift shopping, get some groceries, and then go home and NOT GO ANYWHERE for at least a couple of days. I love my family and enjoy every minute I have with them, but traveling wears me out. Driving hurts my back. I love being home, too.

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