Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Foto 1/13

This is a picture of the fabulously reorganized closet in my studio! This frees up lots of space on the other shelves for things that I use more often. The rest of it can go in the closet and I can shut the door! I've already taken 2 bags to the dump and given away a lot of things to friends. Next is my clothes closet because I only want to make one trip to Goodwill.

Today it's 19 degrees and snowing sideways. I really wish I didn't have to go out in it, but my neighbor is out of town and I have to let her dog out, and in, and out... One more thing to remember every time I think I want to adopt a dog.


Alice Walkowski said...

So organized. I'm jealous!

Dr Bonnie said...

And it's so nice to have a great neighbor who's there for me when I need her! and the dog says to thank you, too!