Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Foto 1/27 - Fog Likely

The area I live in is nicknamed "Fog Likely". It's near the east side of the Blue Ridge Mountains and we get this weather phenomenon called the Carolina Wedge. It's when cold air gets dammed up against the east side of the mountains and traps the fog here. There used to be a big yellow sign on the old highway that said "Fog Likely Next 4 Miles". So... Fog Likely. When you tell most locals (that have lived here since before the new highway was completed) that you live in Fog Likely, they know exactly where you're talking about.

Coming home from the gallery last night was one of those nights that, to me, is worse than driving on snow. The fog was so thick that I could barely see beyond the hood of the car. There's an intersection with a light that's 2.5 miles from where I need to turn off the highway to get home and I always set my trip odometer because sometimes that's the only way to know where to turn. I have to turn left, across the other two lanes, so I guess that there's no one coming, then stomp on it to get across and hope for the best.

My friend, David, who has a farm near by.
An even stranger thing about this is that I only live 10 miles from the gallery. It was totally clear when I left there and the horrible fog was only the last 3 miles, or so. Welcome to weather in the mountains!

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fredracey said...

Oh how I remember the fog! At least when flying planes in fog I had some guidance. Not so in a car. Safe travels, Z.