Monday, January 16, 2012

New Work, New Gallery!

I delivered some new work to Artwalk Gallery here in Boone today and we're going to see if this works for both of us. These pieces are different than anything I have in other places, so that they can have an exclusive product.

These are made from pieces of glass that have been tumbled in the sea. They've been wrapped in silver metal clay and fired in the kiln. Because there's no way to tell what type of glass it is or where it came from, there's no telling what it will look like after it's been heated to high temperatures and has been fumed by the silver. Opening the kiln is like Christmas morning! Then I drill holes in them, add a wire wrapped bail, some beads and a black rubber cord. Voila!

Each one is unique because each piece of glass is different. I try to use different beads on each one and add a few hand made silver charms.

One reason that I decided to create a whole new line of jewelry for this gallery is that it's right up the street from Hands Gallery, one of the co-op galleries that I belong to. I didn't want there to be any competition or comparison. It also stretched me a bit, which is always uncomfortable, but well worth it. I'm pleased with what I came up with and I hope Artwalk's customers are, too.

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Alice Walkowski said...

Very nice Zoe. I bet these will do well. They are something different. Going out of your comfort zone worked out well.