Thursday, August 6, 2009

I HATE New Stuff, Especially New Computer Stuff!

I had to buy a new printer. My old one crapped out and was too old and cheap to repair. About 6 years ago I purchased a camera and a printer all in one box from HP. Well, the printer was a trooper, but it finally quit. The camera still works great even though it's old. I marched myself off to Staples and found me a new printer, also an HP. (I have no loyalty to them, it just had all the stuff I wanted for what I wanted to spend.) I got it home and unpacked it. First thing I noticed is that this one is a big ole thing and won't fit on top of the file cabinet where the old one was. So I had to rearrange my desk to find a place for it. It took until the next day before I could face installing it, which went rather smoothly, all things considered. Well.... today I tried to unload some photos off the camera and the camera software didn't work!!!! I couldn't find a phone number for HP anywhere, so I logged into their online chat with technical support. OMG!!!!! I was online with those idiots for 3 HOURS!!! I could tell right away that they weren't from around here when he said "I apologize for any inconvienience which might have then caused you from us." Actually, it turned into two chat sessions because the first guy had me download software and restart my computer, so I lost him. The software didn't work, so I went back online and got a second guy who took me through all the stuff I'd just done with the first guy, and then some more. It seems that when I installed the software for the new printer, it wiped out something I needed for the camera to work. He said "Please, you will not be worried. We will give all new software for you." So... 3 hours later I have new software that will unload my photos, but doesn't work at all like the old software, nor will it do the things the old software would do. I want to print several photos on a page with captions underneath, and IT WON'T LET ME DO THAT ANY MORE! Frustrating. I don't have time for this! Help! Save me from new stuff!


anne beach said...

Oh no!!
Hopefully your new stuff will be better to you tomorrow! Can you reinstall your own photo software?
I haven't had this much trouble ever with HP, hope you can get this straightened out, so frustrating!

chrissie said...

oh oh....don't tell Dianne!