Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Gallery!

Y'know, maybe all that bitching I did last week about the economy was just what I needed to get myself going on a new path. While I was in Raleigh last weekend to celebrate my Dad's 84th birthday, I met up with some new friends for coffee. Dall Wilson is a photographer and video artist that I met when he was in Boone taking photographs. We talked about the art scene in Raleigh, that I had family there but no place to sell my work, that you need to know a couple of somebodys to get your foot in the door... We met at a Turkish coffee house (my first time drinking that, but that's another story...) and he introduced me to Ellen Gamble who is a painter and has been in Raleigh for a long time. Dall did a video of her in her studio.

Ellen took me to the Little Art Gallery in Cameron Village to introduce me to the owner, Ruth Green, not knowing that I've known Ruth since I was a kid. She and my mother were good friends. (That still never helped me get my work into her gallery.) I guess it was Ellen's magical smile that did the trick because Ruth took some of my dichroic glass and seed bead necklaces on consignment. I'm tickled! This feels like a really good fit for me.

THEN... to make a good day even better... when I got back to my sister's house, where I was staying, she and her husband were having a dinner party. Two of their guests bought things right out of my boxes! Thanks Debra and Debbie!!!

Just goes to show you what can happen when you keep a good attitude about things!

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Anonymous said...

that's awesome! beautiful pieces, i especially love the ones in the 4th and 5th photos