Friday, August 14, 2009

Overwhelmed and Frustrated

My non-artist friends and family think that my lifestyle consists of playing around in my studio all day and leisurly going through life. Not quite sipping tea and eating bon-bons, but close. I wish! Here's the list of things I have to do in the next couple of days:
1. Load up the stinky trash and recycling stuff and take it to the dump/recycling place.
2. Unload the dishwasher, re-load it with the stuff in the sink and run it again.
3. Do a bunch of paperwork/bookkeeping.
4. Get 6 or 7 pieces of jewelry ready to replace what one of my galleries sold last month.
5. Email a customer about a check that she says has been in the mail for two weeks that I still don't have.
6. Email a customer about a repair of a beaded necklace that I made over 10 years ago.
7. Figure out what to cook for a covered dish thing this weekend.
8. Go to the grocery store and buy the stuff for the covered dish thing. (Which is a big deal, because I live 10 miles from the nearest store -- not like running down the street. And, the college students are moving back in this weekend, so there's no such thing as a quick trip to the store.)
9. Cook the covered dish thing. And I don't like to cook.
10. Place an order for supplies that I've been putting off hoping that silver prices would come down some, but now I'm out of things that are critical.
11. Take photos of new work.
12. Update my Etsy site with new work.
13. Pull the almost foot-high weeds in my garden.
14. Pick green beans before they go to seed. (Hey! I'll make something with green beans for the covered dish thing!)
15. Make a Doctor appointment so I can get my prescription refilled.
16. Order some business cards. I'm out of them, too. But, I have to take the pictures first.
17. Clean the cat litter box. (Why won't he go outside?)
18. Vacuum the carpet before it turns to compost, and generally tidy up my house.
19. Etc. etc. etc.
But, what I'd really like to be doing is working on a new design I've thought of. I can't get it out of my head, but I feel guilty letting my long to-do list wait any longer. Some of you will recognize the shape - it depends on if you're as old as I am, or not. Maybe later this afternoon. At least I got the blog updated! Thank God it's not always like this.

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Anonymous said...

omg, we are in the same boat. my family thinks i waste too much in my office/studio.
i too have to get a lot of stuff done and would rather just create with my pmc.
we just got back from kauai and i have a lot of work to do here around the house and i'm already overwhelmed. yikes!