Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny thing about too much snow...

I agree completely. Hang the damn snowman!!

"Gee, I wonder where Bambi went?"
There's a Facebook group called "You know it's snowed too much in Boone when..." that got almost 3,000 members in 4 days. Here's a few of my favorite completions to that sentence:

when you step outside and realize you're standing on your picnic table.
when the piles of snow from the plow in the Walmart parking lot are higher than Walmart.
you had to buy a second snow shovel because the first one blew off the porch and got buried.
when you start taking  bets on how long the snow piles in the mall parking lot will last (I'm guessing June).
when you start to think that the Winter Olympics should have been held here, instead of Vancouver.
you wonder if the sun still exists.
when we've had more snow than Alaska.
when the forecast calls for 1-3 inches and you feel a sense of relief.
when you know all the rules and lingo to Curling and wish Boone would build a Curling facility.
when you can't find your car because the snow plow dumped 7 feet of snow behind/on top of it.
when the snow plow truck slides across the intersection only to get stuck in the same snow bank it just left on the sidewalk.
when you see a snow plow that's spray painted, "THINK SPRING!"

And, my favorite:


Clever Endeavor said...

Sorry to hear you are buried. Glad you are keeping your sense of humor. I know this is wrong to say but your suicidal snowman made me laugh!

Dina Alexander said... funny, I have the snowman on my blog too! My husband sent it to me from his office. I've had enough too. I love the photos of the deer. Love your studio. Cheers.