Friday, February 5, 2010

Now is the winter of our discontent...

Richard III by Hogarth, courtesy of

It's snowing hard again. There's 5-6 inches, on top of the 3-4 that was still on the ground. It might change to freezing rain this afternoon, with accumulation on the trees again and more power outages. This is like the week of Christmas all in one day. No pictures today - it looks exactly like previous postings, so I'll spare you.

I'm tired of shoveling snow, of buying and spreading ice melter on the little hill over the culvert, of filling the bathtub and all my big pots with water in case power goes out, of looking out the windows and seeing nothing but white, of re-scheduling my life because I can't get to appointments, of living from one weather forecast to the next. This is enough. I'm about to throw a conniption fit.

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