Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunshine is a good thing!

I noticed that things look so dark and gloomy in the previous post, like a completely black-and-white world. I guess that's the reality when it's cloudy and snowing. This is what it looks like today. The pine trees are green and that sky....  OH! that sky! As the saying goes: "If God is not a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina Blue?" It was so bright that I almost had to wear my shades in the house.

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do much. I'm taking on small jobs and looking toward ripping up the studio and doing some big time purging. I started with the top of my desk and it feels good to actually be able to see the wood. There's just too much junk that's accumulated and it's starting to crowd me and I think that's what's squashing my creativity. At least, that's my excuse for now.


fredracey said...

What a beautiful scene! It's really awesome, as I'd forgotten how blue that blue can be. Enjoy the sunshine & brightness & your purging.

diane allison-stroud said...

nothing like going through things to lift the spirits when you walk in! doesn't seem much more to do...i've lost my spunk too! BUT if you do it i'll do it, make something new?