Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Foto 4/20, Miscellaneous

I love Johnny-Jump-Ups (Violas). They may be my favorite spring flower. I buy new ones each year, but the ones from previous years live up to their name by re-seeding themselves and coming up everywhere. Mostly in my veggie bed:

So before I got sick I turned over the veggie bed and dug out the Johnny-Jump-Ups and put them in pots for the porch. It's always fun to see how they cross-pollenate from one year to the next. The ones in the first photo are a combination of some all purple ones with some nearly white ones from last year.

I'm definitely on the mend, but I'm taking it slowly so that I don't over do and knock myself out again. I worked a half day at the Boone gallery on Tuesday to ease myself back in to it, and went to a Chiropractor appointment yesterday. That felt good, as my back was hurting from all the sitting and laying around I've been doing. But I'm still tired and needing a nap every afternoon. I just hope this is still a need for healing and not habitual laziness!

Yesterday I finally got back into my studio for a couple of hours. Nothing major, but my goal was to make one piece and I made two. Remember my brainstorm back in February about stockpiling work and firing it with student work each week of class? Well, I didn't take into consideration that my class would be cancelled for lack of interest. (That is such a disappointment in so many ways. I spent a lot of time and money buying supplies and getting things ready and now I'm not sure I even want to teach it any more. I guess, since I have all the stuff, I'll give it one more shot. Then that's probably the last one.) So, I fired one kiln load before I got sick, and those pieces are still sitting around waiting to be finished. The second kiln load was to be things that had glass imbedded, but I had only made a couple of pieces for that firing. The two I made today can go in that batch, so I might fire the kiln over the weekend. The third batch will be copper, but that will be awhile. I'll post pictures of some finished things later.

Well, I think it's time for my nap, so I'll cut this off for now. I'm SO glad to be feeling more normal! I mean, more normal for me... and we can guess how "normal" that is!


Alice Walkowski said...

Your work area looks so neat and organized. How do you do it? I try but before I know it, there are things everywhere. Sorry about your class. Been there done, that too many times. I blame it on the economy.

Zoe Nelson said...

The only reason it looks neat is because it was "staged" for the photo!