Monday, April 30, 2012

Yard Project, Part 5

Yay! Mama is a happy girl now. I'm delighted with how this will finally turn out. I think. I might have a few small changes, we'll see. But for the most part this is the image I had in my head. I know that the more additions I make the more money it will end up costing me, but I'd rather have it done right than to wish it was different once the workers are gone.We decided to put in another wall behind the first one and terrace the bank. If they made the lower wall even with the top of the bank I would have to buy soil to back-fill behind it. There were so many rocks left that this seemed like the better idea.

I got a pathway that leads up to the existing path behind the porch:

Here's a view of that pathway from the house:

And another path that leads up to my LP Gas tank. (Smart idea -- because you KNOW that the gas delivery guy would step all over this wall, and probably my garden plants too,  if he didn't have steps to guide him.)

And we'll add another course of rocks on the lower wall before it's all finished.

They ran out of gravel and it was getting late, so they quit for the day. I'm sure that this will get finished tomorrow and they may even get started on the other side of the driveway.

I've pulled out all my gardening books so that I can try and decide what to plant in here. I don't have it all figured out yet, but I think I want a hydrangea at the top of the pathway to the back garden. I'm also thinking about dwarf mondo grass, and ajuga as ground covers. Oh... so many possibilities!