Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A New Yard Project

Yesterday I had almost 4 tons of rocks delivered. It was so much fun watching the delivery guy maneuver these giant pallets off the truck and into the exact spot I wanted them. He'd obviously done it many times before! These rocks are going to go here:

As a dry-stack retaining wall in place of the 6x6 timbers. The timbers were left over from having a roof put over the deck, so I could have a covered porch.  The wall will hold back the bank and allow me to have a level garden space behind it. Plus, it will look a lot better than the timbers. If we have any rock left over, there will be a matching edge on the other side of the driveway.

Work was supposed to start this morning, but they blew a tire on the trailer that was bringing gravel and scree. They said I'd be lucky to have the materials delivered today. Hopefully, tomorrow they'll get started. I'm already dreaming of creeping phlox spilling over the edge and beautiful moss growing in the cracks. More pictures later.

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