Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Yard Project, Part 2

Yesterday was pretty much a bust, but they did manage to get all the materials here on site by the end of the day. They arrived with the trailer of gravel after fixing the flat tire, unloaded it, and went back to town for scree (rock dust) and other supplies.

The PVC is to replace an old, squashed corrugated drain pipe that runs under where the new garden bed will be and the board is to build a step on the other side of my porch. By the time all this was delivered, it was time to quit and looking like it might rain... or something... it had been windy and spitting snow all day. They were supposed to show up early this morning, but didn't arrive until almost 9:00 because it was still raining a little. It was too wet to set stones, so they worked on some prep - dug up the old drain pipe and dug the trench for the new one that will be tucked in behind the new wall. But it was too wet to do anything else. Darn. He said it would probably take about a day and a half, but I guess that meant once they finally got started. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny, until afternoon thunderstorms. Here's what got accomplished today:


SummersStudio said...

Having it all on site to get the work done is a huge accomplishment all by itself. I love the look of a dry laid wall and am looking forward to seeing yours all finished up.

Zoe Nelson said...

I've been waiting to do this for almost 10 years, so a few more days won't matter!