Friday, January 7, 2011

Not quite back to normal

I still have a bit of congestion and coughing and other disgusting things going on, but not as much. And my energy level is improving.

This orchid flower opened up yesterday and sure brightened my day! I call this one my Purple Cow Orchid. 

I did get a couple of easy things knocked off my list yesterday and plan to start on a not-so-easy one today. The weather forecast is calling for snow on and off for the next 10 days, so I hope to get things caught up while I'm stuck in the house.

Not much else going on and I know you're tired of hearing about being sick. I read in Ken Thomas' post yesterday:  "’s a little-known fact that when you establish your own website, you get an official telegram from the King of the Internet, which basically says “When all else fails, post pictures of cats.”"

I did not know this - I must have missed the telegram. But, this is very appropriate for today, so here you go:

Shhh... I hear a bug...


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