Friday, January 8, 2010

Brutal cold, so let's go shopping!

This photo of the New River was sent to Ray's Weather Center by Lynn Townsend yesterday. The river is only a few hundred yards from my house.
"Sections of the New River in Todd appear to be frozen pretty thick. These ice chunks are not on the banks of the River they ARE the New River right now. It will be interesting to watch how much thicker these ice chunks get with such cold temperatures still in the forecast for sometime to come."
It warmed up to about 30 degrees yesterday, and I was working at Hands Gallery. It was wonderful to get away from the house for a day and see some people. But, we got more snow last night and plunged back into the deep freeze today. The high at my house was 14 and it's 4 right now, with -10 wind cill. Looking ahead to next week I can see that there will be some warming, and by then anything above freezing might make me want to put on shorts and a t-shirt and plant my garden! (NOT!)

I decided to put some more things on sale in my Etsy Shop. The above piece was originally $98.00, but it can be yours now for only $60.00. I plan to add at least one piece each day until I get some things cleaned out.

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