Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold but snuggly

It's been FYBO cold all weekend and I didn't stick my nose outside the house. It looks like it will continue all this week. Saturday the high was 16 and yesterday it got all the way up to 18. Today I decided that I was being way too much of a weenie and I was going to get out of here and go to town, by God! There are people that live in North Dakota that get out in these temperatures all the time! I'm a Mountain Woman! No big deal!  (These are the things I have to tell myself to psych myself up to do things I really don't want to.)  At 1:00 it was 17 degrees and little sparkly snow flakes coming out of clear blue sky. Not bad. I bundled up, went out and started the car, dashed back in and un-bundled. Waited ten minutes, bundled up again and headed out. Again, my PO box was stuffed full, and I had a package waiting that had been there since before Christmas. (Every time since then the PO has been closed when I was there.) I had a long list of errands to run and was looking forward to crossing them off my list. The closer I got to Boone, the worse the weather got. Snowing harder... black ice on the road... Realllllly windy... I went to the grocery store to re-stock the necessities (read: chocolate) and came back home. It was just too ccccooollllld and my face was feeling stiff by the time I loaded the groceries in the car. (I did buy other things besides chocolate 8-)  ). So I'm staying in for another couple of days, until I have to work at Hands Gallery on Thursday. The other errands can wait, but it felt really good to just get out of the house for a short while.

I've not been a slacker during my isolation. I've been cleaning my house from top to bottom and working a little in the studio. I have a tray of "kaizen" (Japanese word for continuous improvement.) pieces and parts that I've been making into acceptable jewelry. These are things that 1) hadn't sold and needed to be reworked, 2) parts I made that I didn't know what to do with, or 3) unfinished projects. In the near future I'm going to tear the studio up, throw away, clean, organize and then start working on new things. That's my plan, anyway.


Alice Walkowski said...

Your photo looks just like what I see out my back door..... 15" of snow. I guess PA isn't much different from the mountains of NC.

I've been doing about the same as you.... trying to use up a variety of unfinished pieces. And, today I cleaned and rearranged my studio. Now I won't be able to find anything.

Thanks for the input about the Olympus camera. The Nikon really is frustrating me.

Keep warm!

diane allison-stroud said...

well i've had it, just had it! can't get to the mail box, well i could if i wanted to clomp through a foot of snow covered in people dropping in this time of year, they would have to park in the street, snow plow man doesn't like that a bit! i'm done with it and thinking of florida in will still be snowing in april, i'm sure of it!