Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Few New Things

Here's some things from the last batch, all completed. They're tiny little charms or pendants that were made from silicone molds I made from some antique buttons I bought from Kate McKinnon's "Exploding Pipes Sale" back in December. The first photo below is the original buttons for the three necklaces above, and the entire batch of buttons is below that. More fun to come!

I'm rushing to get through this post so I can get to the Dentist's office and have my permanent crown installed. The temporary was done back before Christmas and, with the holidays and bad weather, the permanent one is just getting done today. I'll be glad to have that finished, especially since I'm paying A LOT of money for it!

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Anonymous said...

those are lovely! i have a bunch of buttons i have to try. i just made lots molds last night from some medals and ran out of moulding compound.