Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heat Wave!

I'm sorry to be posting nothing but weather reports, but that seems to be all that's going on around here lately. This is what my back yard looks like today and it hasn't changed much since December 18 when we got a foot and a half of snow. You can see from the photo in the post from that day just how little melting has been going on because of the sub-freezing temperatures and additional ice/snow. BUT, today is the day that the big melt will start! It's already 38 degrees and clear blue skies. It's supposed to be even warmer over the next two days.

This is my road/driveway. I've parked the nasty, salty car where it is so that maybe, if the sun ever shines where I usually park (the big blank spot), it will be easier to get in and out of the car without having to walk on ice. The hill behind the car is in full sun, so it's been clear of snow for awhile now.

This is the road up to my neighbor's lot. I don't know how they'll get in or out of there when they build their house.

My cat has forgotten what "outside" means. I haven't let him go out in over two weeks because it's been too cold. Today I opened the door and he just looked at me as if to say, "Really?" But he finally got the idea and is sleeping in the sun close to the back of the house where the snow is gone.

I've been having trouble with my neck for the last week or so, to the point of having to resort to left over pain pills from my root canal back in October. I went to the Chiropractor this morning and he said, thankfully, that there wasn't any disc problem, just muscular. So I must be doing something to aggrivate that muscle. Shoveling snow, perhaps? It feels much better now, so I need to crack my own whip and get back in that studio and make some new jewelry. There's still several things on sale in my Etsy shop, if you're interested in some bargains.

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fredracey said...

Great pictures, Zoe. It sure is pretty to me, but probably not so pretty to you at this point. Hang in there. spring will get here & boy will that be good! Fred