Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Wish...

I wish there wasn't so much suffering in Haiti. I just can't imagine. As with previous disasters I've had to turn the TV off, so that I'm not glued to the earthquake coverage all day. It's horrible. I know that. So I donated some money and I'm researching other ways to help. I hope that all of you will do your part to help, too. Haiti is truly hell on earth.

I wish I had some inspiration. During the winter months I usually work on building up my inventory so that I'm ready for sales when the touist season picks up. I've been in the studio a little bit lately, but I just can't seem to figure out what to do. I've worked as much of the kaizen that I can, even getting suggestions from fellow artists about what to do with some of it. And I've made a few new pieces, but nothing that I'm terribly excited about. They won't be fired for weeks yet, as I like to wait until I have the kiln shelf filled, and then patina and polish the whole batch. So, no pictures today.

I wish I didn't have to worry about my home. There's been some nice, warm days lately and the snow is melting quickly. Last night it rained hard and I was awake most of the night worrying about flooding. Imagining all that water sliding down the mountains on top of the icy snow. At daylight I could see that the creek was very high, and there are small lakes in my front yard, but so far, so good. I don't have flood insurance.

I wish I could interpret dreams. During the short time I was sleeping last night I had some very strange ones. The first was that I invented an new weapon to use against terrorists - a machine like a catapult that would launch frozen Florida oranges at them. (Acutually, not such a bad idea!) The other one was about a very strange Dentist who would not install my new crown until I helped her scrub the hull of a boat. 

I wish I knew why a demented male cardinal keeps flinging himself at his reflection in all my windows, sometimes drawing blood. It's probably a territorial thing, but he's been doing this for six months and hasn't learned that it's only a reflection. Plus, he poops all over my porches. I feel sorry for him.


anne beach said...

do you have a big kiln? is that why you wait to fire ? i usually can't wait, love to have a full shelf but fire it as needed!!!

i hope your home weathers this weather! where the hell is spring???!!!!!

as for your demented cardinal, he doesn't see your windows probably and is trying to fly through. hopefully he doesn't do himself in!

Zoe Nelson said...

Yes, I think it's what you'd call a big kiln. I just like to work in "batches". I don't always wait until the shelf is full, though. I actually have 2 shelves to use for classes.

The cardinal hangs on the screens and pecks at his reflection! I know where the term "bird brain" comes from now.